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Musical Instrument Ornaments

What better way to bring the spirit of music to your Christmas tree than through these finely crafted musical instrument ornaments? From elegant pianos, flutes, and clarinets to shining treble clefs and eighth notes, you'll be delighted by these musical instrument ornaments.


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Black Clarinet Ornament

SKU: 5497

Handsome black clarinet ornament with silver valves and a flared base.

Length: 6.5 in.

Our price: $13.99
Violin Ornament
SKU: 5498
This miniature wooden violin ornament is something no budding violinist's Christmas tree should be without.

Height: 5 in.

Our price: $11.95
Gold Trumpet Ornament

SKU: 5493

Brassy and shiny, the trumpet ornament is a bold and brilliant accent for a band member's Christmas tree.

Height: 3.5 in.

Our price: $12.99
Silver Flute Ornament

SKU: 6201

This silver flute ornament will bring a bright touch to any music lover's Christmas tree.

Height: 4.5 in.

Our price: $12.99
Gold Saxophone Ornament
SKU: 6202
This bold brassy saxophone ornament adds some jazz to your Christmas.

Height: 5.5 in.

Our price: $15.99
Wooden Bassoon Ornament

SKU: 6206

This distinguished wooden bassoon ornament is a fabulous gift for a fan of the bassoon.

Size: 6.25"

Our price: $13.99
Gold Trombone Ornament

SKU: 5495

Brassy and shiny, the trombone ornament is a bold and brilliant accent for a band member's Christmas tree.

Height: 4 in.

Our price: $12.99
Grand Piano Ornament

These grand piano ornaments, available in red and black, are incredibly detailed, yet lightweight enough to fit on a Christmas tree.

Size: 3.5"

Our price: $12.99
Gold French Horn Ornament

SKU: 5491

Brassy and bold, the french horn ornament evokes the unique sound of this classical horn.

Height: 3 in.

Our price: $12.99
Black Bass Clarinet Ornament

SKU: 7425

This long black ornament is an elegant facsimile of the deepest of clarinets.

Size: 5.25 inches

Our price: $13.95
Black Oboe Ornament

SKU: 5499

This elegant black ornament is a fabulous gift for a fan of the oboe.

Length: 6 in.

Our price: $13.99
Music Stand Ornament
SKU: 7427
Elegant miniature music stand adorned with treble clef and musical notes.
Height : 3.5 inches
Available in Silver or Gold
Our price: $11.95
Upright Bass Ornament

SKU: 6203

The deep resonance of the upright bass are evoked by this charming, miniature wooden ornament.

Height: 5 in.

Our price: $11.95
Treble Clef Ornament
These shining treble clef ornaments bring an element of musical style to a Christmas tree. Comes in both gold and silver.
Height: 5 inch
Our price: $11.95
Gold Microphone Ornament
SKU: 7422
No singer's Christmas tree should be without this remarkable 3-inch gold microphone ornament.
Our price: $12.99
Harp Ornament

SKU: 6207

Detailed harp ornament that includes nylon strings. Will rest on a table as well as hang from a Christmas tree.

Height: 4.5 in.

Our price: $12.99
Red Tambourine Ornament

SKU: 6808

This bright little tambourine ornament is also a fully functioning musical instrument!

Our price: $11.95
Red Snare Drum Ornament
SKU: 7758
Drum roll please! This Red Snare Drum Ornament is an essential way to kick off your holiday.
Height: 3.5"
Our price: $11.95
Tuba Ornament
SKU: 5492
Hit those low notes! This gorgeous, shiny Tuba ornament is a perfect addition to any tree.
Height: 3"
Our price: $12.99
Tympani Ornament

SKU: 8117 Any percussionist should expand their repetoire to include the Kettle Drum. And, hang one on the tree. Height: 2.5"

Our price: $13.95
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